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The Overbrook Foundation has maintained a long commitment to protecting the natural environment and combatting the climate crisis, with a particular emphasis in the United States and Latin America. The Environment Program is focused on reversing the climate crisis and conserving biodiversity by preventing further deforestation, restoring oceans, coastline ecosystems, promoting behavior change, and supporting communities living in and near impacted areas. Our grantmaking emphasizes the leadership of communities most impacted by the effects of the climate crisis and uplifts innovation to navigate and change systems.

Coastal Restoration

To restore and protect our endangered oceans and coastlines, we support organizations planting and growing coral, seaweed, oysters, sea grass, and other related marine species.

Communities and Climate

To help communities living in and around extractive-industrial areas, the Foundation supports organizations that are both rooted locally and fighting projects that will exacerbate the climate crisis.

Drivers of Change

To end the wasteful culture of single-use plastics and the destructive growth of the petrochemical industry, we partner with organizations emphasizing behavior change as a pathway for a sustainable and equitable reuse society in the United States.

Stand for Forests

To prevent the further destruction of trees and biodiversity, the Foundation supports organizations directly protecting threatened ecosystems, primarily in tropical forests.

Grantee Voices

Grist is a nonprofit, independent media organization dedicated to telling stories of climate solutions and a just future.

How does Grist amplify its message to reach new readerships who might not otherwise be exposed to the climate crisis?

Grist sees itself with a unique opportunity in the media space: to be a climate newswire creating content for hundreds of outlets. That way we reach readers where they are, and spread high-quality, persuasive content on the single most important issue facing humanity to them through their trusted sources.

Nikhil Swaminathan

CEO, Grist

Focus Area Specialists

The Overbrook Foundation's long history of conserving the natural environment has been guided by the knowledge and leadership of our staff, in partnership and with guidance from leaders and experts in the field. This ensures a timely and informed approach to our grantmaking and mission more broadly.

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